Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Dinanyelys Josefina Quinones

Living the Life as God’s Warrior :: 11.22.74 - 03.02.09

I received the phone call yesterday morning......"Dina is now with Jesus". I had a smile on my lips, but tears in my eyes.

Dina was my sister in law. I loved her like a sister. She was a very vibrant girl, full of energy, loving, compassionate, humorous and she LOVED Filipino food, especially sinigang and hopia (but of course she didn't call it that). Smile Dina, I love you! Gosh I miss her giggles and her jokes.

I was able to spend her last week with her. We told each other how much we love each other. She even cried and kept telling me "I'm Sorry"..... Dina, I understand! One day I was with her, she woke up from a sudden sleep and was looking for a pen. She said "words"...."write words"......"write recipe". I told her, "You know I can cook without a recipe"...she said, "write recipe". So I asked her, "Do you want me to write a recipe book?" And she said "YES". Imagine that!

She also asked me to do some coaching of someone very dear to us. Since Dina's gone to heaven, I have seen changes that are very good. {You know who you are} I hope you feel it too. I feel that my relationship with this person is being rebuilt.... Dina is watching us from heaven. Let's make her proud!

Dina also told me, "This is all a blessing in disguise....and it's all good". I love you Dina! Thanks for being my Angel. And I promise to do what you told me to do....

Dina battled a long journey of ovarian cancer. She was first diagnosed with this devastating disease about 5 years ago. She fought it, long and hard until her very last breath when she couldn't fight it any longer. She was a true warrior. She leaves behind her beautiful 15 year old daughter. Her legacy will live on with her. We've set up a trust fund for Lauressa to be able to go to College. If you wish to donate to Lauressa's trust fund, please GO HERE!

To read more about Dina and her legacy, please go to her website at DINANYELYS.

Dina, I will miss you! I know you're looking down from heaven and smiling that beautiful pearly whites of yours. Thanks for giving me the sun these last couple of days to help overcome my feelings of sadness over losing a beautiful Angel... like you said, "no more pain"....."SMILE GIRLFRIEND!!!!"


Gaspegirl said...

What a beautiful tribute to your friend!

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