Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Busy Me!

Gosh I feel so bad I haven't posted anything and I have had so much I can share with you.

1) I should still show some downtown photos -- from when sis and I went to the Water Tower.
2) Ava's VB tournament photos in Indianapolis -- she played at the RCA Dome!

I have projects that I need to get done. Here's my list:

1) My Scrapworks article.
2) Scrapbook Chalet entry for Designing Like A Star.
3) Layout and Card creation for Theresa's Blog.

On top of all I want to remodel my house!!!! Ahhhhh....

Color is my strength yet I'm having such a hard time choosing colors for my walls!!!! Calgon, take me away!!! See, I love reds, with some brown. But I have this mural in my dining room that I created with a palm tree, on the water.....so it has lots of blues, green and browns. NO RED!!! So according to my Interior Designer (my sister) I need to go with those colors, ditch the red....OR paint over the mural and then I can have some red! Say what?!?!?! Hubby says he won't have the heart to color over my mural. He says I should leave it alone since it's a Jozzie thing.

Here, look at a picture of my mural, what do you think?


Gaspegirl said...

Love the mural... you are multi-talented! Now check out my blog, you have been tagged!

*Jeanne* said...

WOW GORGEOUS mural Jozzie. I couldn't paint over that either.

Rene said...

Well, I am definitely no interior designer... But I'd hate for you to not be able to use the colors you want. Additionally, you CANNOT color over the mural... I refuse to allow it!! =) So... I know that you can look at something and know whether or not it's right. Have you tried getting samples of material and/or paint, including reds, and seeing how it looks with your mural??

Hmmm... how about some way of tying the mural into a red, also? Like, there seems to have been a lot of palm tree decor in the past few years, and I am SURE I've seen it with red involved. What if you incorporate something with palm trees AND red - would it tie it together???

Don't give up on what you want, mama!!! Exhaust all possibilities.

Plan B - use the red in a different room. You did say you are going to remodel the HOUSE, yes, not just the one room???

I've been missing reading your updates!!!