Monday, October 30, 2006

Daylight Savings Time....

Fall back......don't like it 'cause it gets dark so early, but what I do like is the extra hour I gain.
So what do I do with that extra hour?


I use it to sleep in.
I don't get to do that that often, so when I get a chance...
I use it for sleep!

What about you what did you do with that extra hour?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Memoirs of a Geisha

This is ME with my Crocky! LOL!

We went to a Costume Party last night at the neighbors. It was a great time! There were lots of people in fun costumes, ton of food, jello shots, cherry bombs, vodka brain, and some crazy dancing! I saw lots of dracula, vampires, guys dressed as girls and girls dressed as guys. Too FUN! Looking forward to next year...

Friday, October 27, 2006

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere! I look at things very artistically! Every where I go, and even people I meet I find an inspiration there! So watch out, if I'm looking at you funny, LOL, it just means I'm getting inspired! LOL!!

So here are just a few where I get inspiration from:

1) TV Shows - one of fave is CSI Miami. I love the bold and fun colors they use on the show. Sometimes they do a collection of shot clippings on one screen which gives me an idea for photo LO. Watch it sometimes, you'll know what I'm talking about!

Also I've noticed the Food Network Channel. They show a lot of flourishes on their commercial ads too! Go check it out!

2) Music - I love using song lyrics as an inspiration for title or journaling.

3) Quotes - ThinkExist is one of my faves. Both music and quotes trigger an emotion, places I've been, people I know that inspires me to do a LO.

4) Department Stores - Now I have another GREAT excuse for shopping! I love to go to stores to see come color combo, texture, design, etc... Then if you forget your sketchbook, just buy the stuff and write it off as a business expense! ;)

5) Fashion Magazines - Other than scrapbook magazines, fashion mags are a GREAT inspiration to see new trends, style, design and yes, COLOR!

6) My Kid's Artwork - Sometimes the things they make and bring home from school give me an inspiration, expecially for altered artwork!

How about you - where do you find inspiration from? Do share!


"As we grow older and realize more clearly the limitations of human happiness, we come to see that the only real and abiding pleasure in life is to give pleasure to other people." ~ P.G. Wodehouse, Something New

I retired from the work force in 2001. Back then my daughter was only 7 years old. We chose that the best place for me was to be a full-time Mommie, so that I can take her to school, pick her up, help her with her homework, have dinner ready so we can all have dinner by 6pm, when hubby gets home. Kitchen cleaned by 7pm. Do some play time. Ava in bed by 9pm. Have date nights with the hubby. You know, like watching TV, and stuff like that.....What were you thinking?! LOL!

Prior to this, life was more of a cluster. Ava was in after school day care and I pick her up after 6pm. We didn't get home until later and dinner didn't get started 'til about after 7pm. Rushed to do homework, baths, no time for story telling. Certainly no time for date nights! Everything was RUSH, RUSH, RUSH!

Three years later Connor came along. I'm still a full-time mom and about every other day or week, I would question....what else is there for.....ME? I started up Dazzle In Style . I have about a couple of custom orders a month. I'm thinking I need more so I can have more income. I joined some stamping and scrapping forums to get some adult interaction. I see and hear about other women getting published in craft magazines. So I thought "I want that too for me!" I hear about other women being a Design Team member, and again I thought, "I want that too!" I've also wanted to be on TV doing another thing I love in I applied for Food Network Star. The deadline to receive the applicaton is today.

Anyway, the reason I mentioned all that is I am never without a dream. I always want something more. Whether it be validation of my existence......or validation of what I do.......I always wanted more and desired more.

But just a few days ago, I realized and was able to put things more in perspective. Certificates, Awards, Diplomas, Magazine Covers or TV Appearances, does not complete a person. At least it does not and will not complete me. I've always been chasing a dream and as if God talked to me and made me realize I am already living my dream! He spoke to my heart. My children are my dream. My husband helped me live that dream. The fact that I can stay home and not have to worry about an income for me or my children is a dream that I want. I wanted it five years ago. And I still have it. Be a mom. Be a wife. Be a best friend. Be a daughter. Be a sister. I can be all that. I am all that!

The other things are icing. I can still do them when the time is right. There is no real hurry! Someday I can still be on TV for Food Network, just not now. I am submitting work for publications so I know someday it will happen. And the custom orders I get each month, is just perfect!

For now....I have come to realize that the only real and abiding pleasure in life is to give pleasure to other people.

How about you? Have you come to the realization yet???

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Find me on Ebay!

I've listed some stuff on eBay! Make sure to come and look!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Two Popcorn Kernels.....

Yes, that's right!!!! There were TWO popcorn kernels stuck up my little Connor's nose today! He was snacking on popcorn, with his DAD! And he managed to stick two kernels up his nose. They were watching TV and I heard Connor sneezing up a storm. I was looking up something in the computer so I turned around and looked at Connor, he looked at me, I asked him what was wrong. His nose was all red and his eyes were so puffy and he kept sneezing. He ran up to me rubbing his nose.

All concerned, I took him in the bathroom and asked him to blow his nose. A popcorn hull came out. I told Kurt I think he stuck popcorn up his nose. Kurt took a flashlight to try to look up there, and sure enough he sees a kernel up his nose! Panic almost setting in, but we didn't want him to get upset and have him inhale and who knows where that kernel will end up! So both Kurt and Ava were trying to tell him to blow his nose. Ava shows him how. Like this Connor, "BLOW", "HONK"......and being his idol, he copies her! I was holding a tissue under his nose, and out comes a popcorn kernel!

I'm like "KURT, what the....were you not watching him?".....Connor Keeps rubbing his nose....we ask him to blow his nose again......"BLOW"....again, I was holding Connor and had a tissue under his nose, and here comes the second popcorn kernel! Gee whiz! Was someone not watching this kid?! I thought I had to take him to ER....luckily those popcorn thingies made their way out! Kids........and Dads!!!!

Guess you have to watch them while they eat?!?!?! Ohhhh, what a night!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Today is a VERY special day for me!

20 years ago, Kurt and I went on our special date! We were in College. Can you believe after all these years, we're still dating?!

Monday, October 09, 2006

CD Cover

This CD cover measures 5"x5" and can be made into a mini album so you may add photos, notes, other memorabilia or gift cards. It can also be made to match any theme or occasion! Enjoy!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Altered Cigar Box - Tiki Flair

This is a wooden cigar box which I covered with Patterned Paper and Cardstock with Bamboo and Tiki designs. It is then distressed using brown acrylic paint on the edges. There's a clear envelope on the top to house the photo. Which is then embellished using Tiki Dimensional Stickers and flowers. The box itself measures at 7 1/4" long, 6" wide and 3" deep.

This altered cigar box can hold any type of memorabilia.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

SwEeT DrEaMs.....was it really?!

Oh my! I challenged the STM Chicks to blog about their dream last night. Here was my dream....

I was putting THREE strollers in my car with light pink bows!!!! AAAH!

For the record..before anyone goes congratulating me, I am not pregnant!!! LOL! I feel very rested this morning. Though the night before I didn't go to bed until about 3 am. I was reading "Winning Volleyball for Girls" by Deborah Crisfield and Mark Gola". If you're coaching VB or have girls that are in VB, pick up a copy of this book! Great stuff! Anyway, last night I went to bed at about 10:30pm, woke up at 7:30 am and took a nice long shower. DH is working from home. Love that!

So what do you think that all meant?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

About Me and ABC?!

Not quite! I dared the STM Chicks to do this blog challenge....3 letters! What is your remedy for it? What do you do to feel better?

I woke up this morning not feeling good. I was crampy and real faint. I was hoping Connor would wake up later than usual, which he did, 7:15 am! It helped some. I hate it when I wake up like that, I could barely stand up. Faint and icky! I've been diagnosed with anemia so I have to really watch my iron. I've had a very stressful week and last night didn't help much either. My team let me down by not having good sportsmanship out on the court and it didn't help their game. They need some talking to.

This morning I wish I could just lay down and drink some tea and just veg....but my darling little son, I swear he's related to one girl named Bella.... :) 'cause I can so relate with that poor mom. I need a nap! I need a warm drink, maybe with a dash of something 100% proof wouldn't hurt either...... Calgon take me away!

I wish ABC was as easy as 123! Go have yourself a good day! Now go away! :)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Our Invitational Tournament!

Just in case you didn't know, I coach my daughter's 7th grade volleyball team. This past weekend, beginning with Friday, we played in a tournament up until Sunday! A very exciting weekend! There were 8 teams total and we placed 2nd!!! You should have seen the girls playing so hard and soooo good. It was a VERY exciting game to say the least! Here they are at the game and during our celebration dinner - acting goofy!