Sunday, October 15, 2006

Two Popcorn Kernels.....

Yes, that's right!!!! There were TWO popcorn kernels stuck up my little Connor's nose today! He was snacking on popcorn, with his DAD! And he managed to stick two kernels up his nose. They were watching TV and I heard Connor sneezing up a storm. I was looking up something in the computer so I turned around and looked at Connor, he looked at me, I asked him what was wrong. His nose was all red and his eyes were so puffy and he kept sneezing. He ran up to me rubbing his nose.

All concerned, I took him in the bathroom and asked him to blow his nose. A popcorn hull came out. I told Kurt I think he stuck popcorn up his nose. Kurt took a flashlight to try to look up there, and sure enough he sees a kernel up his nose! Panic almost setting in, but we didn't want him to get upset and have him inhale and who knows where that kernel will end up! So both Kurt and Ava were trying to tell him to blow his nose. Ava shows him how. Like this Connor, "BLOW", "HONK"......and being his idol, he copies her! I was holding a tissue under his nose, and out comes a popcorn kernel!

I'm like "KURT, what the....were you not watching him?".....Connor Keeps rubbing his nose....we ask him to blow his nose again......"BLOW"....again, I was holding Connor and had a tissue under his nose, and here comes the second popcorn kernel! Gee whiz! Was someone not watching this kid?! I thought I had to take him to ER....luckily those popcorn thingies made their way out! Kids........and Dads!!!!

Guess you have to watch them while they eat?!?!?! Ohhhh, what a night!


Rene said...

OK, this is a moment to remember - definitely a night of excitement at your house!!!

Silly boys!!!

NancyJones said...

BWAHAHHAHA sorry but that is so funny. I did that one time with a pink eye purple hull pea one time (we were shelling them and I loved how they smelled and it slipped and went up my nose)
SO FAR bella hasnt put nuttin up hers that i know of yet but im waiting
WHERE ARE YOU GIRLY I MISS YOUR BLOG CHALLENGES SOOO BAD at STM get cher tail back online girlfreind EVERYONE is asking about you!

Tammy said...

EEEEKK! I am glad you got through that without a trip to the ER. I am praying for your upcoming procedure. We miss you at STM!

Anonymous said...

oh bless him, stuff like that can be really scary. One of my daughters swallowed a bracelet one night and that was a trip to ER, she was xrayed but we were told just to expect it to make it's way through the system IYKWIM! (not that I ever inspected that closely!)

Hope you are fine, missing you around too, I'm back with a vengeance now I have broadband back.

Oh and congrats on 20 years too!

Gaspegirl said...

Oh my goodness... this had me laughing out loud (at work!) I hope that you are doing well... don't forget to email!

(((hugs))) -just because-