Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Serendipitous Kind Of Day!

I've had such an AMAZING day!!!! OK, so get this.....I had a 10:30am appointment at Asha Salon over at Woodfield. Well, I didn't realize my clocks at home are behind. I swear! Anyway, I get in the car it's 10:15am. I'm speeding, hoping I'd make it there in 15 minutes. Screech! Traffic! In the middle of the day, right by Deer Park. So I call, I'm on hold, nice announcement. BTW, Rene your voice is still on there... hold, hold, hold, OK so they finally get back on. I told them I'll be 15 minutes late. She puts me on hold, {whistling here}, hold.....she gets back on and tells me that if I get there in less than 15 minutes, she'll just do a cut, that's it. If later than 15 minutes, I'll have to come back another time. What?!?!? I'm paying you $65 for a haircut?!? $@#&* Sorry Charlie. Sorry Rene, I know you like her, but come on.....

So, I turn around, and drove by Avalon @ Deer Park. Posh place, not bad, I looked at prices, not bad. So I asked if they had someone available. Yep! Crystal at 11:30am. It's 10:30am so what do I do?!? What's a girl to do at a strip mall?!?!?!? Care to guess?!?

Yep, I went to Pier 1. They're having an awesome sale. I found suede throw pillows regularly at $35 a piece for $6 a piece! I got two! Then I saw an espresso coffee table regularly at $350 for $42! Yes, you heard it right. SOLD!!! Ok, so I don't want to miss another haircut appointment so I told her I'll pay now but I'll pick it up after my hiarcut. She said, no problem. I go for my haircut. She gives me a scalp massage! WOWOWOWOWOW! Love that!!! Oh she was amazing! I got a fantastic haircut. Lookie at what she did for $50!!! Crystal, I'm going back to you girl! You're awesome!!!

So about an hour later, I go back to Pier 1 to pick up my coffee table. Cheryl, the saleslady tells me that she found the matching console table still all boxed up regularly at $275 for guess what?!?!?!? $30!!!! Yeah, baby!!! SOLD!!! Talk about serendipity. All because my clocks are all off! ROFL LMAO!!!

I'm one happy girl. So do you like my haircut?!?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I fixed it!!!!

Yeay! I fixed my banner......and now please resume to your regularly scheduled program. LOL!

I promise I'll blog soon. Just have to get ready for a garage sale I'm having this weekend. If you're in the area, stop by! I'm selling some scrapbooking and stamping stuff along with some household items. I'm remodeling so out with the old and I'm getting all new stuff! Whooo-hooo!

See yah!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pardon my new look...

I was resizing my banner to be used in my siggy line and I screwed it up!!! So sorry about how it looks right now. When I have a minute (LOL) I'll work on my blog!

For now, feel free to post me a comment and say hello or email me. I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I got this in my email and thought I'd pass it along.... I know you have some loved ones that can use these.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

National Scrapbooking Day!

Huh?! I thought everyday is scrapbooking day but I guess this weekend it's a real BIG deal! Go check out Scrapbook Chalet and you'll see how BIG! We will have guest celebrities joining us for chats! Go check out our website and you'll see our weekend's jam-packed schedule of FUN events and activities. We'll also have lots of games, prizes and more surprises! Make sure to register and see what's going on.

Also, to see the latest and the greatest check out My Scrapworks you'll never guess who's on our Inspirational Series. Right there, smack dab of it all. BH herself!!!! While you're there, check out my latest article on "Fluorishes". I'm sure you'll be inspired!!!

Oh and BTW, in the middle of all these festivities, I'm painting my house! Ask how, ask now, ask Sherwin Williams!!!! The BEST paint ever! Hello! I never knew I'd love paint so much! But this one not only goes on smoothly, but it covers nicely, it comes in a plastic easy to pour container. LOOOOOVE it! Finished the hallway already. Now I'm working on the family room.

Ok, have to go.....lots of things to do! Remember to come and join me at The Chalet and My Scrapworks. I'd love to see yah!