Saturday, September 30, 2006

Breakfast Food

My STM Blog Challenge for today was to blog about our favorite breakfast food.

I LOVE to have the 49'ers for breakfast! HAH! The ones that is served on a hot plate at Walker Bros. silly! If I can't have one of them, my other favorite is Corned Beef Hash with poached eggs. YUM!!!~

Let's go out for breakfast!!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

You are what you eat!

Need I say more?! ;)

This is my STM Blog Challenge for this morning!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Trip Down Memory Lane...

I went to the doctor's office this morning, which BTW, I do have to have another surgery. Yuck-o! Well, it has to be done. But anyway, on my way to see my doctor, I passed by my old neighborhood, our old house, just then I turned on the radio to Sarah McLachlan, "I Will Remember You". The answer was yes, but now that the bridge has been burnt she may be singing to a different tune. Funny how that works...

Cartoon Character

I challenged the STM Chicks this morning with this....If they were a cartoon character, who would they be?

OK, I originally said.....I think I would be Mickey Mouse! I know, he's a HE! But look, everybody knows him, he's got a park built after him all over the world...Let's face it, he's very successful! Besides, he's got the same initials as my hottie! :)

But my question was who would I be? NOT who would I want to be like? So....

After seeing Chelsea's answer it gave me another could I have forgotten? Pocahontas?!?!?! I have been told this would be me. So there you have it, it's Pocahontas! And that's my final answer!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Night Owl I Am!

My STM Blog Challenge this morning is to talk about whether we're an early bird or a night owl.

Well, these days, I'm forced to be an early bird. My DS wakes up by 7am so whether I'm ready to start my day or not, I'm up...I have to be! However, if I have my choice? I'm a definite Night Owl. I function better at night. I'm more productive, more creative. more energetic. I'm just more of everything at night! And I can stay up as late as the sky is blue! But don't dare wake me up early in the morning! :)

I'll have to do a scrapbook page of this soon....

How about you are you a Night Owl just like me? Or more of an early bird? 'Cause I tell you, I don't care to be catching no worm!

Have a good one!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Favorite TV Show...

I challenged the STM Chicks today to blog about their favorite TV Show. Here's mine..

The only three things I watch on TV are CSI Miami, CSI NY, CSI Nevada. I just love crime scenes like that ~ that play with your mind, entice you with fashion and glamour, and believe it or not, I even get my scrapbooking inspirations from those shows...especially the Miami one. Just look at the colors and photography. Next time you happen to switch channels on Monday at 9pm CST, check it out and I challenge you to create a LO from it!

So how about you? What's your favorite TV show?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Who's My Daddy?

I challenged the STM Chicks to blog about their Daddy! So who's yours?!

This HOTTIE is my Daddy! Yes, even after 18 years he still does make my heart do flip-flops! :) It was funny when I was putting this LO together, he told me, "Awww, honey, you feel that way?" And I told him, "No honey, this is you telling me that!" LOL!!!

We met while at College and we dated for 3 years before getting married. OMG I've known him for over 20 years! WOW! Did you know I asked him out for our first date? Well, I always go for what I want. Don't like waiting.....Remember, "Just Do It"! And I did....I was a nervous wreck, but I pulled it off. We had a nice time......look, we're still married! Hah!

Anyway, he's my greatest supporter, believer, cheerleader, motivator, lover, listener....and he's the best dad too! He turned our living room to my scrap/stamp studio. So I can do what I love while I'm around people I love! He's always encouraging me and believing in me when I'm down. Thank you honey! Someday all our dreams will come true and you get to stay home and watch the kids so I can be on Network TV! LOL! He thinks someday I'll be on TV. Such a dream... But hey, you just never know!

I love you honey!

Daughters are flowers in the garden of life...

Here's my daughter posing with Rex. Love how the flowers popped against the black background. Notice the dragonfly eyelets?

Which Door Should I Be Knocking At?

This is inpsired by Leah's Blog I read this morning. Ever wonder why God opens certain doors for us....

In my case, lately anyway, I feel like there's a different door out there He has open for me, I just haven't found it yet. I keep going to the wrong address! Why is that?! LOL! I have so many dreams and desires all of them are SUPER BIG. Here are some examples....

I don't want to just write an article in a magazine, I want to own that magazine.
I just don't want to act out on a show, I want to direct that show.
I just don't want to use lots of embellishments as a Scrapbook Designer, I want my products that I designed and created to be used by Scrapbook Designers.

So there you see? When I dream, I dream BIG! So maybe God knows something I don't know yet. And I did ask him for patience a while back so this must be one of his lessons for me! Well, I'm still waiting and I'm still persevering! And hopefully I find that door someday. God, now I ask you, can you show me the way to the right door? NOW??!! :)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Household Chore ~ Who needs them?!

I challenged the STM Chicks to blog about a household chore they hate and one they love! So here's mine....

Argh! I wish sometimes I had a maid. But for someone that grew up with maids, I don't think I'm doing badly. BUT I wish my house stayed clean all the time! Right now I'm doing laundry and later on I will clean the floors. Don't mind all that but do you know what I just absolutely hate with a passion? IRONING! I hate ironing clothes. So Kurt does them! Bless his heart! I don't know why I hate ironing so much. I don' tknow if it has something to do with my MIL giving me an iron as a wedding shower present and saying, "Here now you can iron all his clothes like I used to do for him all the time!" Well, "HELLO!" ....or I maybe just don't like standing there and back and forth, eeek! So yes, if I had to pick one household chore I hate, it's ironing!

A household chore I love?! It's COOKING!!!! Love, love, cooking! I cook at least 4 to 5 times a week. So I need to check out that Food channel show and see if there's something there for me! ;)

Well, happy cleaning! How about you - do you have a household chore you hate and love?! Tell us about it!!

Girl's Night Out ~ Buca di Beppo's

Veronica, Lequita, Josie and me ~ here at Buca di Beppo's! We went out to celebrate Veronica's & Lequita's birthday! We had calamari for appetizer, lasagna and Tuscan chicken for dinner and Tiramisu for dessert. Their food is generously served so we had plenty to go around. We even took home half of our dessert! And of course we also had drinks with dinner! I LOVE Pinot Noir so that's what I had. Our bill came to about $125 including tip! Not bad! Then we also went dancing afterwards. It was a very FUN night!

How about you do you have GNOs? Tell us about it!

BTW, this is my 100 posts! Whoo-hooo! I didn't realize I can blog that much!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Junk Food Junkie!

"Sweet, salty, sour, you like them all, any day, any hour!"

This is Connor snacking on Cheezballs, Oreo cookies and Sour Patch candy. Yes, he loves his snacks. It's not like I'm a bad mom and give him all this junk food....he's learned at an early age how to open up lids. Plus, he has partners in crime - his older sister and his dad! See, that's his favorite spot...he likes to sit at the bottom shelf of my kitchen bookshelf. We call him a troll when he sits under there! Under where?! LOL!

As for me? Gosh, I'm not much of a snacker. When I eat, I like my full course meal! Except there's time when popcorn and MM's sound real good mixed together! :)

How about you - What's your favorite snack?

Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm so PROUD of my daughter!

Today my daughter was inducted for the National Junior Honor Society! She was awarded this honor for demonstrating the important qualities of character, scholarship, citizenship, service and leadership in their school. What an honor!

I am really amazed at my daughter. She's always been the studious type. After school, she goes straight to her desk and does all her homework. She's good at everything she does. She's in the volleyball far our record is 5-1. She's now also babysitting to earn some extra cash, sometimes even on school nights. How does she do this all? She's always been one responsible kid. She has a 22 month old baby brother to take care of too!

Ava is such a perfect daughter! She's all good things with a little bit of feistiness all rolled into one beautiful package. I don't know where her feistiness came from. :) But I LOVE it! I think all girls should be feisty, don't you?

Anyway, I'm celebrating my daughter today! I'm so glad that God blessed me with such a special daughter.

Ava, I love you with all my heart! Always persevere and never settle. You can always do good things and be all things! I'm so proud of you!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sisters are the Life jackets....

...when your days get turbulent."

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September Dazzle Club Cards

Here are my Dazzle Cards of the Month Club! All my cards are never CASEd! Sign up now and you'll get Jozzie inspired cards every month! Let me inspire you!

Time to Refocus

Sometimes we need to evaluate and look at the big picture. Just what again are my ultimate goals? Revisit, review, reevaluate, refocus, readjust and conquer! All the other things are icing on the cake.

Didn't make the two Design Teams I tried out for. It's a bit heartbreaking. But I know it's nothing personal. Sometimes selecting for these things are pretty subjective. It has nothing to do with how we create. But has to do with a certain style they're looking for at that time. Keep doing it! Don't give up. Keep persevering.

Look at the big picture. Where do I want to be next year? In 5 years? In 10 years? I need to revisit my goal.

It was so cute last night my daughter saw how disappointed I was....she came by gave me a hug and said, "It's OK mommy, we still have the winning team!"

My husband gave me a kiss and said, "You make beautiful things honey, don't let this upset you!"

My best friend told me, "You're a winner in everything else. You can't win them all...{wink}"

So true. All the people I love know and I'm so lucky to have them believing in me and reminding me it's not the end of the world! I love you guys! And look who I have adorning my blog! --->

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

He's my HOTTIE!

Don't we look cute together? My favorite color is black and red....see we match! WOWEE!


Lots of things are suppose to happen today....

1) The That Design Team will be announced tonight at TNGC.
2) The Stemma Design Team will be announced.
3) We will have our game #5 for volleyball.
4) I get an ultrasound done.... hope everything is OK!
5) I get my bloodwork done, agan.... hope everything is OK!

I have butterflies in my stomach. Lots of excitement. Lots of things to look forward to. And that is a good thing. Sometimes the unknown is unnerving but it's also exhilirating! Keeps me on my toes, I know that!

I haven't spoken much about volleyball. Let me tell yah, the girls are doing so well! They've been more confident about serving overhand, setting, spiking, dinking. They have awesome sportsmanship and that is key! They play so much better. We've had four games and won them all. That's good for the girls. I'm also getting to be a better coach...calling my time outs and subs strategically. Even our cheers are planned strategically. All of that play a major role you know?!

Ok, so today, I just have to take it easy and get busy! Yesterday, my friend Sandi posted a picture of Matthew McConauhey on the STM was HEAVEN!.................... Ooops, my mind wandered off for a minute there. I was in HEAVEN! :)

Well, folks have a great day! So glad I got to do my blog now.....can't get in my STM site for some reason. Probably a thousand Chicks are trying to get in to see who made the Design Team. I'll keep you posted!

Monday, September 18, 2006

STM Blog Challenge - Fortune Cookie

If I was a fortune cookie what would mine say for today?

"Your past experience will be an asset for career opportunities"

I think that about says it all. We learn from all of life's experiences. So whatever the future holds, learn from your past so you can have an enjoyable and rewarding present!

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

And the LUCKY WINNER is......

Rene! She guessed I have 95 stamp sets while I have 200 on the dot. See, I'm not as obsessed as you all think I am!!!

Rene, I'll put aside the stamp set and the card for you. I swear I'll give it to you when you get here. A good reason for us to really plan a GNO! OK?!

STM Challenge - Highlights of my Week!

To sum it up in one word --- WOW! This last week was just totally amazing for me. I learned something new and and met a lot of FUN and interesting people. Here's what I leaned, thus are the highlights of my week...

I entered to be considered for 2 Design Teams. I won't know until this coming week if I make it. I am so proud of myself for doing this! As I was telling a dear friend, with every layout I made, I only kept getting better. So regardless if I make the design team or not, I'm excited for the fact that I can only get better... even more! Plus, with the friendships that I made at STM that in itself is a prize to me! I love you Chicks!!!

Here's what I learned last night from our chat.

I learned that Do-Do has nothing to do with going to the bathroom, but has to do with going to bed!

I learned that Chou-Chou and Gavaluade is a yummy treat! Next to grits and polenta.

I learned that fanny isn't always a place where you may put a fag in England.

I learned that not every one has had or even knows what a body shot is!

I learned that Kihaku and Anam means spirit in two different languages.

I learned that whatever you do, NEVER, and I mean NEVER answer the door with a white T-Shirt on, regardless if it's wet or not!

Want to know all that I'm talking about?! You need to join us at STM and be part of this wonderful amazing team of Chicks! This is the place where you find talent, genuine caring and beautiful people all under one internet!

Keep Scrappin'!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Island Girl

“You can take the girl out of the island….but you can’t take the island out of the girl!”

STM Challenge - All About ME!


So you want to know about me huh? To Be Jozzie! Well, let me tell you…

As you can tell by my LO, I love dramatic colors. My favorite colors are red and black. I love lots of other colors as well. But I notice I wear a lot of reds and blacks. Anyway, when I create LO I notice I’m drawn to bright and dramatic colors that make a statement. That would be me too, always making a statement. I’ve been told I’m dramatic too! HAH!!

These are all my doodling and handwriting too by the way! I wrote in the middle of the small flowers using my white gel pen. Note the writing around the flowers; I think it created a nice accent to them. So here are my statements…

Christmas baby 1963, Mrs. @ 1989, Mom @ 1994 & 2004, SU! Demo 2000, Dazzle In Style 2006.

Around the flowers I wrote several things that I like, other hats that I wear and how I am about my art: Inspiring, Fun, Creative, Passionate, Artistic, Dream, Teacher, Coach, Room mom, Best Friend, Mai Tais, Sushi. Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much is how I live my life.

If I’m not in my Art Studio, you can find me at Victoria’s Secret, 9 West, Aldo and the Gap. That’s where I love to shop.

Supplies used:
Cardstock ~ SU!
“J” stamp ~ Making Memories
Big Flower ~ Heidi Swapp
Button ~ MM
Small Flowers ~ Doodlebugs Inc.
Transparent Paper w/ Fluorishes ~ My Mind’s Eye
Glue ~ Scotch Tacky glue for the flowers
Crystal Glaze ~ to adhere transparency frame onto photo
Adhesive ~ ATG 714
White gel pen by Sakura for doodling and writing

Thanks for looking!

Return to Love (Marianne Williamson)

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?"

My girlfriend Rene shared this with me and I thought what an amazing thought to remember! Here's to all the Fearless Females I know! May the force be with you!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

STM Challenge - My Style

What is scrapbooking style?

This one is a toughie. I think it's kind of hard to define one's style of scrapbooking. Is it? OR Isn't it?

I mean it's not like fashion, you can say that someone is grunge or preppy, or like in home decor as in eclectic or contemporary. Now I've noticed that some scrapbook submissions want you to define your style so it can be categorized I supposed. But what the heck are our options? Just how do you define your style? If someone likes to use a lot of bright colors on their layouts, do you say they're style is "Bright Colors" or would you say they're "Vibrant", or "Lively" or "Needs Sunglasses to View"? If they use lots of flowers, would you say they're "Flowery" or "Garden Girl" or "Birds and the Bees"? Oh heck, I think there's no right or wrong to define one's style.

As from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Therefore, you can call your style anything, anyway you want. People will still admire your creation.

What is my style?

I have been told my style is clean, eclectic and modern. My style is forever evolving though. By nature, I always love to try new things. I’m not at all intimidated by anything and I don’t ever want to limit myself. As with my mantra, I “JUST DO IT”! As a Designer, I see my creations to be a reflection of all that. My work represents me. On the other hand, I also challenge myself in to creating what my customers/students are always looking for. They want creations that are EASY, INEXPENSIVE, USEFUL and FUN to make. So I make sure my projects have those elements when I create them.

So again -- what is my style? Maybe it's not just clean, eclectic and modern. Maybe I should call it more "Jozzie Style"!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Guess the magic number?

Yesterday was Day 3 of our STM TDT Challenge. We had to showcase our stamping abilities. Here were my entries! Anyway, since it was about stamping, naturally, we'd talk about STAMPS today. We are to list just how many stamp sets we currently own (the ones we're currently using plus the ones simply collecting uhmmmm..monetary value?) {wink} Anyway, write how many you own and let's compare notes.

BUT before I write down just how many I have....I want to do a mini-contest of my own. GUESS HOW MANY I HAVE and win a FREE STAMP SET!!! Game? Just comment here with your guess and I will contact you if you win! Just make sure I have your email address.

Here's a couple of hints to help you with your guess:

1) I've been a Stampin' UP! Demonstrator since February 2001.
2) Check out my STAMP STORAGE in my Art Studio --- 8 of those bins on the right side contains nothing but stamp sets.

The guessing ends by Friday, September 15th, at 11:59pm. And you can only guess one time. The stamp set shown is what you can WIN! Good luck!

THE WINNER IS: the person that comes closest without going over!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

STM Challenge - Photography

Day 2 of TDT category was photography. Talk about what camera you have and what you like about it. Would you like to buy another one? If so, what would you get?

Right now I use either a Canon Digital PowerShot S230 or my Canon Rebel SLR Camera. Sometimes I borrow a friend's Rebel Digital Camera. I would love to have one of these in the near future! I love how my SLR works but I love the convenience of what a digital camera offers. So I have my eye on that Rebel digital camera. Soon...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

STM Challenge - Handwriting

We have a Design Team search going on right now at STM. Each day we submit our layouts showcasing different category. The categories are different each day. Yesterday was showcasing our handwriting.

They say that we become better individuals when we take away some lessons learned from our experience. So today, write about a lesson or two that we have learned from yesterday's category. If you were to look at yesterday's entries, (it can be your own or others), what would be your lesson learned from them. Write it down and learn from it.

If you're not trying out for the Design Team, then think about what happened in your life yesterday and what would you make a goal out of it to do in the future?

My take away from yesterday is I would take Kara's comment about making a font out of my handwriting and seek people in the field and see about how I can make that happen! Go check out my

Just DO IT Joz!

Monday, September 11, 2006

STM Challenge - 5 Years Ago Today

5 Years Ago

I still remember like it was just yesterday.

I dropped my daughter off to school, came home and saw it on TV.
I wanted to go back and get her from school.
I called my husband at the office.
I wanted him home too.
I want my family here with me.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
I didn't know if there were more.
I was sad for all those people that have lost a loved one, or two, or three or four.

This morning I came downstairs.
The TV was on of people reminiscing of how it was like 5 years ago.

I'm still sad about what happened.
Hearing them talk about who they lost.
It doesn't matter when.
The pain is still the same.
Or even 5 years ago.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

STM Blog Challenge - What's your day like?

Today's blog challenge from STM is to write about what our day is like today....

As I posted on STM, I'm loving my "work". I get to do what I love to do and I call it work. I should feel guilty about that....ahhhh....No I don't!

So right now I'm listening to my iTunes! "Sexy Back" by Justin Timerlake. Have you heard that song? Well, go listen to it! And dance to it. So OK, back to my music. I'm jammin' with JT while I make cards for my Stamp Club. Music inspires me!! Anyway, the cards are all turning out real cute. If you're not in my club! Geesh, what are you waiting for?! Sign up! You will think you've gone to heaven when you get my cards! Anyway, after that, I'll be making some LO for our STM September Challenge. Again, go check out that site. I'm so in love with those girls. They're all so freakin' nice and fun and so flippin' creative!!! LOL! Can you tell I'm in love?! Need some inspiration? Check out our gallery!

Then later on, maybe go on a date with the hubby. Afterall, he did take little Connor out so I can have some peace and quiet (hah! - if you call dancin' with JT that!) and create with my daughter. What a life huh?!

Well, I love LIFE in general! How about you?!

Friday, September 08, 2006

STM Blog Challenge - The Last Time

When was the last time you were at a Scrapbook store? How much did you spend? And what did you buy?

The last time I was at a scrapbook store was last Saturday. I spent over $100 and bought a ton of flowers and rub ons by Heidi Swapp, Prima and Doodlebugs Inc. Those have got to be my favorites.

Then I also bought Tim Holtz's alcohol paints! Now, why didn't I think of that?! Love it!

I can't wait for next week to show you all the projects I made with my purchases. Check out my gallery next week!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

STM Blog Challenge - Favorite Position

What is your favorite position when it comes to......


Hah! What did you think I was going to ask??!?!?! LOL!

I like to do it standing up! I have this table that is about waste high and that's how I do it, standing up! I feel like I have better control and I can easily move around and get other accoutrements that I need! So there. That's my answer!

Scrappers and Stampers do it better standing up!

So how about you? How do you do it?!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

STM Blog Challenge - T-Shirt Slogan

So write about what famous T-Sirt slogan would you be? And do you live by it?

You've all heard me say this many times before..... I would be "Just Do It!" Do you live by it? Well, YES!!!!

I don't like looking back and wondering what could have happen if I had done something? So I just do it! There's a great ThinkExist quote by Lucille Ball, "I would rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not." That is such an awesome saying. I live by that rule!

Life is too short. You think of something? Do it! Want it? Do it!

Just do it!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

STM Blog Challenge - Anticipation

Remember that Heinz commercial? making me wait...keeping me waiting....So I wonder.... Argh! Do you like waiting? Why or why not? What are you waiting for today? How do you handle anticipation?

Honestly, I don't like waiting. When God gave out patience I think I was out shopping! Really, I don't like waiting. I think it's 'cause I have so much to do and to wait seems like a waste of time. I know I need to learn to do something productive in the event I find myself having to wait. Things happen.

Right this minute, I am waiting for a phone call. Between today and Friday, we were supposed to get a call if we made MMM. I tried out for it. It was so last minute. I stumbled upon it. I wasn't all that prepared. But you know me. I didn't want to wait until next year to try out so I did it. I figured I'd be that much prepared then for next year. But just like Nike. I did it. My design has improved since then. With every LO I make, I feel that I improve some. Don't you? In any event, I'm waiting for a phone call and it's giving me butterflies in my stomach.

If I make it, I'd be one of the happiest people on earth! No doubt! But if I don't, I'd still be one of the happiest people on earth. I lost nothing. I learned a lot from it. I've accomplished a lot since then. And you know what? I'd do it again in a heart beat!

Life is short to be mopey. There are other opportunities if not this one.

But I will keep you posted! For now, you have to wait with me! :)


I completed all the 80's Challenge we had going on all weekend at STM and I'm receiving a RAD prize packet! I don't know what it is but I can't wait!!!

I was so proud of myself for completing them all. My plate is full and I had been busy all weekend, like I am every day, but I was able to finish them all. It goes to show you, if there's a will; there's a way!

I did it! Just did it! Yeah!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunday, September 03, 2006

STM Blog Challenge - The 80's ME!

Let's be like Huey Lewis and go back in time! Imagine you can go back to the 80's today. What would you tell yourself? What would you do differently? Or what would you do more of?

I think if I can go back in time I would tell myself to enjoy life to the fullest degree! It's not all about the destination but really experience things in between and enjoy the process.

I had everything planned out for when I want things done after at at 30... They all turned out great! Planning is good. But it's OK to take a breather and delight in the everydays! It is OK!

That and I wish I could have gotten my fill of clubbing and going dancing a lot. I love to dance. Well, that's what GNO's are for. ;)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

STM Challenge - 80's Faves

On your blog list your 80's faves and post back here when you're done so we can go check out your 80's blog!!!

My 80's Faves:

1) SONG - Let's Go Crazy, If You Leave, When Doves Cry
2) MOVIE - Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, About Last Night, Ferris Beuler's Day Off
3) ACTOR/ACTRESS - Demi Moore, Rob Lowe
4) ARTICLE OF CLOTHING - The Limited Stuff - Anything they sell, I buy....remember those Firenze sweaters/shirts??
5) PHRASE - "Shut UP!"
6) HAIRSTYLE - Farrah Fawcett look (yes, I had that hairstyle, just can't find any pictures, they're all in my parent's house!)
7) TV SHOW - "The Smurfs"
8) ROCK GROUPS - Prince, OMD but I listened to A LOT of music! Just can't think of others right now.
9) FOOD - Gyro Sandwiches
10) PASTTIME - Hanging out at the mall, going dancing and sneaking out with my boyfriend! I was a rebel back then...

Friday, September 01, 2006

STM Blog Challenge - Reminisce & Project

So, to reminisce - what were you happy about or what was your major accomplishment in August. To project - what will be your main focus for September. You can list as many things as you want.

The list you will see are mainly career oriented. While the other things in my life, I always go by the motto, "Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much!" This way I create a nice balance among the many hats I wear.

August Accomplishments:

1) Finding STM
2) Completing ALL the August plus the miscellaneous challenges in STM
3) Completed custom album orders
4) Submitted projects for possible publication to two major magazines. (I'll know in a couple of weeks; cross your fingers!)
5) Started Dazzle In Style Club Offerings
6) Completed Winter 2007 class descriptions for the Park District

September Goals:

1) Complete all September Challenges
2) Submit projects to TDT
3) Submit an article for publication to BHG
4) Complete Dazzle In Style Club projects - DONE!
5) Submit projects for publication
6) Design and create products
7) Find new customers for Dazzle In Style
8) Finish custom album orders (Honeymoon & Travel)