Friday, September 15, 2006

STM Challenge - My Style

What is scrapbooking style?

This one is a toughie. I think it's kind of hard to define one's style of scrapbooking. Is it? OR Isn't it?

I mean it's not like fashion, you can say that someone is grunge or preppy, or like in home decor as in eclectic or contemporary. Now I've noticed that some scrapbook submissions want you to define your style so it can be categorized I supposed. But what the heck are our options? Just how do you define your style? If someone likes to use a lot of bright colors on their layouts, do you say they're style is "Bright Colors" or would you say they're "Vibrant", or "Lively" or "Needs Sunglasses to View"? If they use lots of flowers, would you say they're "Flowery" or "Garden Girl" or "Birds and the Bees"? Oh heck, I think there's no right or wrong to define one's style.

As from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Therefore, you can call your style anything, anyway you want. People will still admire your creation.

What is my style?

I have been told my style is clean, eclectic and modern. My style is forever evolving though. By nature, I always love to try new things. I’m not at all intimidated by anything and I don’t ever want to limit myself. As with my mantra, I “JUST DO IT”! As a Designer, I see my creations to be a reflection of all that. My work represents me. On the other hand, I also challenge myself in to creating what my customers/students are always looking for. They want creations that are EASY, INEXPENSIVE, USEFUL and FUN to make. So I make sure my projects have those elements when I create them.

So again -- what is my style? Maybe it's not just clean, eclectic and modern. Maybe I should call it more "Jozzie Style"!

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Elizabeth said...

Yep call it that style, the Jozzie style! I think it works!!