Tuesday, September 12, 2006

STM Challenge - Handwriting

We have a Design Team search going on right now at STM. Each day we submit our layouts showcasing different category. The categories are different each day. Yesterday was showcasing our handwriting.

They say that we become better individuals when we take away some lessons learned from our experience. So today, write about a lesson or two that we have learned from yesterday's category. If you were to look at yesterday's entries, (it can be your own or others), what would be your lesson learned from them. Write it down and learn from it.

If you're not trying out for the Design Team, then think about what happened in your life yesterday and what would you make a goal out of it to do in the future?

My take away from yesterday is I would take Kara's comment about making a font out of my handwriting and seek people in the field and see about how I can make that happen! Go check out my

Just DO IT Joz!


Didi said...

OH cool! You will let us know when it is all finished so those of us who don't have the handwriting gift can know where to get a copy of your font! You go girl!!!

DivaMom said...

That would be a fantastic thing, Joz!! Your handwriting is beautiful and it's so much fun. That is such a positive and "go-get-em" idea to have taken away from yesterday. This is a great challenge!

Gaspegirl said...

Good luck getting your handwriting made into a font... how cool would that be?!