Monday, September 25, 2006

Which Door Should I Be Knocking At?

This is inpsired by Leah's Blog I read this morning. Ever wonder why God opens certain doors for us....

In my case, lately anyway, I feel like there's a different door out there He has open for me, I just haven't found it yet. I keep going to the wrong address! Why is that?! LOL! I have so many dreams and desires all of them are SUPER BIG. Here are some examples....

I don't want to just write an article in a magazine, I want to own that magazine.
I just don't want to act out on a show, I want to direct that show.
I just don't want to use lots of embellishments as a Scrapbook Designer, I want my products that I designed and created to be used by Scrapbook Designers.

So there you see? When I dream, I dream BIG! So maybe God knows something I don't know yet. And I did ask him for patience a while back so this must be one of his lessons for me! Well, I'm still waiting and I'm still persevering! And hopefully I find that door someday. God, now I ask you, can you show me the way to the right door? NOW??!! :)

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your girl chelsea morning said...

why dream at all, unless you dream big, right?!?!?! go get'm tiger!
anything is possible--just keep knocking..............and my motto, once a door gets cracked open for you--drive a mack truck through it!