Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Lots of things are suppose to happen today....

1) The That Design Team will be announced tonight at TNGC.
2) The Stemma Design Team will be announced.
3) We will have our game #5 for volleyball.
4) I get an ultrasound done.... hope everything is OK!
5) I get my bloodwork done, agan.... hope everything is OK!

I have butterflies in my stomach. Lots of excitement. Lots of things to look forward to. And that is a good thing. Sometimes the unknown is unnerving but it's also exhilirating! Keeps me on my toes, I know that!

I haven't spoken much about volleyball. Let me tell yah, the girls are doing so well! They've been more confident about serving overhand, setting, spiking, dinking. They have awesome sportsmanship and that is key! They play so much better. We've had four games and won them all. That's good for the girls. I'm also getting to be a better coach...calling my time outs and subs strategically. Even our cheers are planned strategically. All of that play a major role you know?!

Ok, so today, I just have to take it easy and get busy! Yesterday, my friend Sandi posted a picture of Matthew McConauhey on the STM site.......it was HEAVEN!.................... Ooops, my mind wandered off for a minute there. I was in HEAVEN! :)

Well, folks have a great day! So glad I got to do my blog now.....can't get in my STM site for some reason. Probably a thousand Chicks are trying to get in to see who made the Design Team. I'll keep you posted!

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Gaspegirl said...

I am looking for other things to do too because the STM site is down... maybe Lynette is renovating to announce the new TDT girls?? Anyway, congratulations on the volleyball team success and good luck with the DT calls!