Saturday, September 02, 2006

STM Challenge - 80's Faves

On your blog list your 80's faves and post back here when you're done so we can go check out your 80's blog!!!

My 80's Faves:

1) SONG - Let's Go Crazy, If You Leave, When Doves Cry
2) MOVIE - Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, About Last Night, Ferris Beuler's Day Off
3) ACTOR/ACTRESS - Demi Moore, Rob Lowe
4) ARTICLE OF CLOTHING - The Limited Stuff - Anything they sell, I buy....remember those Firenze sweaters/shirts??
5) PHRASE - "Shut UP!"
6) HAIRSTYLE - Farrah Fawcett look (yes, I had that hairstyle, just can't find any pictures, they're all in my parent's house!)
7) TV SHOW - "The Smurfs"
8) ROCK GROUPS - Prince, OMD but I listened to A LOT of music! Just can't think of others right now.
9) FOOD - Gyro Sandwiches
10) PASTTIME - Hanging out at the mall, going dancing and sneaking out with my boyfriend! I was a rebel back then...

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