Monday, September 25, 2006

Who's My Daddy?

I challenged the STM Chicks to blog about their Daddy! So who's yours?!

This HOTTIE is my Daddy! Yes, even after 18 years he still does make my heart do flip-flops! :) It was funny when I was putting this LO together, he told me, "Awww, honey, you feel that way?" And I told him, "No honey, this is you telling me that!" LOL!!!

We met while at College and we dated for 3 years before getting married. OMG I've known him for over 20 years! WOW! Did you know I asked him out for our first date? Well, I always go for what I want. Don't like waiting.....Remember, "Just Do It"! And I did....I was a nervous wreck, but I pulled it off. We had a nice time......look, we're still married! Hah!

Anyway, he's my greatest supporter, believer, cheerleader, motivator, lover, listener....and he's the best dad too! He turned our living room to my scrap/stamp studio. So I can do what I love while I'm around people I love! He's always encouraging me and believing in me when I'm down. Thank you honey! Someday all our dreams will come true and you get to stay home and watch the kids so I can be on Network TV! LOL! He thinks someday I'll be on TV. Such a dream... But hey, you just never know!

I love you honey!


NancyJones said...

isnt it great when our hunnies support our habit lol
what a great huney you have! hugs

your girl chelsea morning said...

that's awesome! LOVE LOVE the layout--too freakin ca-UTE!!!

I pretty much told jason he was taking me out on a date...9 years later we're still together, so it pays to be bossy now and again! lol

Rene said...

Great LO, babe!!!

Gotta love Kurt... Gotta find me one of them! =)


Staceyface1 said...

Great challenge for today. I will have to post later on.

I love that - makes my heart do flip flops! Very cute!

I love having a DH that complains about my scrap habit, but in the end is always supportive and interested in what I am doing.

kara jones said...

what a sweetie you have Joz! I wish I could turn my living room into my scrap room! The light in here is so great!

Gaspegirl said...

That is so funny Joz... I asked my hubby out on our first date too (16 years ago!!) I guess gals like us see what we want and go for it!

Love the layout by the way!