Sunday, September 24, 2006

Household Chore ~ Who needs them?!

I challenged the STM Chicks to blog about a household chore they hate and one they love! So here's mine....

Argh! I wish sometimes I had a maid. But for someone that grew up with maids, I don't think I'm doing badly. BUT I wish my house stayed clean all the time! Right now I'm doing laundry and later on I will clean the floors. Don't mind all that but do you know what I just absolutely hate with a passion? IRONING! I hate ironing clothes. So Kurt does them! Bless his heart! I don't know why I hate ironing so much. I don' tknow if it has something to do with my MIL giving me an iron as a wedding shower present and saying, "Here now you can iron all his clothes like I used to do for him all the time!" Well, "HELLO!" ....or I maybe just don't like standing there and back and forth, eeek! So yes, if I had to pick one household chore I hate, it's ironing!

A household chore I love?! It's COOKING!!!! Love, love, cooking! I cook at least 4 to 5 times a week. So I need to check out that Food channel show and see if there's something there for me! ;)

Well, happy cleaning! How about you - do you have a household chore you hate and love?! Tell us about it!!

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