Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cartoon Character

I challenged the STM Chicks this morning with this....If they were a cartoon character, who would they be?

OK, I originally said.....I think I would be Mickey Mouse! I know, he's a HE! But look, everybody knows him, he's got a park built after him all over the world...Let's face it, he's very successful! Besides, he's got the same initials as my hottie! :)

But my question was who would I be? NOT who would I want to be like? So....

After seeing Chelsea's answer it gave me another could I have forgotten? Pocahontas?!?!?! I have been told this would be me. So there you have it, it's Pocahontas! And that's my final answer!


your girl chelsea morning said...

and you do have those giant, just kidding.
I think I'll start calling you micky!

your girl chelsea morning said...

ah, I love it when I can influence people to change their the world will be MINE!!!
(insert evil laugh here)