Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hanging out with the girls....


My sister is in town from Florida with my if I don't get to post so much, you know why! Today we're shopping at DeerPark, lunch at Panera Bread or CPK or Noodles (we'll take a vote - there's 8 of us total), then ice cream at Oberweiss. DOn't you get hungry when you shop?! LOL! Anyway, I'll see you soon....

Monday, July 23, 2007

As Promised! Pictures from CHA!!!

Ok so here are some photos I took from CHA. Bear in mind this is my first ever to attend this ever so wonderful event. Thanks to my buddy Valerie for taking me! Thanks Val! You're THE BEST! So anyway, the whole place was incredible. Booths after booths of scrapbooking related items. Just in case you didn't know, CHA stands for Craft Hobby any crafters are there, but the scrapbookers rock the house! I tell you, the majority of displays there were of scrapbooking stuff. The displays are out of this world! They take vintage doors or windows and decorate them with patterned paper, ribbons, flowers, the works. Again, being this is my first.....{nyuk nyuk, nyuk} I didn't take pictures of those. Sowwy! Instead, I took pictures of layouts that inspire me. Hope you like them nonetheless. Next time I go, I'll know better....

There were also oodles of make and takes. That alone was so worth it to go! I mean yes, there were lots of tags, bookmarks, mini-albums, all of which seem to be the in-thing to make. Perhaps, because it's less time consuming to make? But other booths had those lunch tin cans, 6" x 6" photo album, 8 1/2" x 11" wooden frames to alter. Unfortunately, I didn't get to make any of these since the line was way long and some of these ladies, I kid you not, seem to have forgotten where they're at at the moment. Hello! You're at CHA and there are 10 women in line behind you. So glue that sucker down and hurry up would yah?!? I swear, they were taking their sweet old time. And some of them, think this is a social party like, get to know me, 'cause I so want to be in your Design Team?! Get real!!!! But I did enjoy myself despite of... LOL!

I did take a picture with Elsie! She's nice. Her booth was that of a kitchen, which I can so relate.

And then some places, give away free magazines, books, catalogs, products. Val, told me I should go all three days ---- I should have! Well, maybe next time. Heck, YES, NEXT TIME!!!!

So here are just a few of the things I took pictures of.....just enough to wet your appetite! I know, I'm a tease, what can I say?! :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oh My CHA!!!!

I'm so thrilled to blog about my going to CHA today! But you all have to wait, 'cause I am so tired right now. In a good way though. My eyes have never been so spoiled before and oh my brain is so overwhelmed with LOADS of ideas! I am sooooooo inspired and I can't wait to create something.

I'll post some photos of things I've seen and people I've met! So come back again.....I'll tell you more later!


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good Saturday To You All!

Woke up early this morning to get the ceramic tiles installed on our basement floor. The guys did an awesome job. Tomorrow they do the grouting. This is sooo exciting! Can't wait to see the final outcome.

DD went out for a sushi lunch with her cousing LK. She's growing up much too fast. DS and I were home all day. This little guy sure keeps me busy.

It definitely is a good Saturday.....had a nice visit too with an old friend. That is always nice! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Announcing the NEW Scrapbook Chalet Design Team!

Hi Ladies,

THANK YOU so much for applying to our Design Team. Over the last several days I have spent many hours going over all the entries and I have to say, this was a very tough decision for MANY reasons. I think it was the hardest one yet, especially since we're going to add a Design Team to our Retail store as well.

The creations submitted Rocked the house and my God they are awesome ~ I wish I had the room to take all of you on.. The Chalet has the best gallery on the net thanks to all of you!

Therefore, I have made the decision that the following ladies will become our new Creative Crew.

Congratulations Everyone!

Tropicalart77 ~ Tammy
Becky Thackston ~ Becky
Charlee ~ Charlee
Jocelyn ~ Jozzie
Scraptastickat ~ Kat
Fruitysuet ~ Suzanne
Crafty Girl ~ Dawn

Oooops! Me bad.....

I'm looking forward to seeing my sweet friend Tree over at CHA too! :)


Yep, that's me! UGH! I hate that I haven't kept up with my blog. So are you seeing what time it is? Yep, it's 4:42 AM CST. I have been tossing and turning all night.

10 Random Things At The Moment:

1) School VB Season is coming up, but not for another 2 1/2 months and it's keeping me up at nights already. I'm Da Coach!
2) I haven't heard from my friend Rene, I hope she's doing well.
3) I'll try to keep up to date with my blog. Starting now!
4) My basement tiles will be installed this weekend. Carpeting the following weekend.
5) I'll pick out my granite countertop sometime next week. My glass tiles for backsplash are on order.
6) I want to catch up on my scrapping so maybe I can try out for some Manufacturer's DT.
7) I'm going to CHA in July and meet up with my sweetest friend, Valerie! Thanks Val!!! :)
8) I need to paint the basement walls and trims.
9) I'm taking my daughter and her friend to the movies tomorrow (well, in a little while) while I shop for some kitchen stuff.
10) I know I'll be tired today, since I hardly got any sleep!

Anyway, how have you all been? Leave me a comment and tell me what you've been up to lately?