Friday, October 27, 2006

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere! I look at things very artistically! Every where I go, and even people I meet I find an inspiration there! So watch out, if I'm looking at you funny, LOL, it just means I'm getting inspired! LOL!!

So here are just a few where I get inspiration from:

1) TV Shows - one of fave is CSI Miami. I love the bold and fun colors they use on the show. Sometimes they do a collection of shot clippings on one screen which gives me an idea for photo LO. Watch it sometimes, you'll know what I'm talking about!

Also I've noticed the Food Network Channel. They show a lot of flourishes on their commercial ads too! Go check it out!

2) Music - I love using song lyrics as an inspiration for title or journaling.

3) Quotes - ThinkExist is one of my faves. Both music and quotes trigger an emotion, places I've been, people I know that inspires me to do a LO.

4) Department Stores - Now I have another GREAT excuse for shopping! I love to go to stores to see come color combo, texture, design, etc... Then if you forget your sketchbook, just buy the stuff and write it off as a business expense! ;)

5) Fashion Magazines - Other than scrapbook magazines, fashion mags are a GREAT inspiration to see new trends, style, design and yes, COLOR!

6) My Kid's Artwork - Sometimes the things they make and bring home from school give me an inspiration, expecially for altered artwork!

How about you - where do you find inspiration from? Do share!

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