Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Hey Friends!

I've had such a busy week....I'm sure you all have too! Just got back from Indiana for my daughter's VB tournament. They did OK. I was the chaperone for 11 girls! WHEW!!! What a weekend! The girls are all really nice though, they minded well. It's just that we were up by 5:00 am both Saturday and Sunday and I'm in-charge of all their meals and make sure they are all up and ready to go. What a job! But our hotel was comp'd for both nights so not too bad.

Now I'm taking care of a 3YO who's slightly feverish but thinks he wants to go snowboarding! Kids --- they're so resilient aren't they?

On a FUN note, I'm planning a girls trip to Vegas this Fall. Who wants to join us? :)

Well, keep posting and hope you're all doing GREAT!!!!


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Stephanie said...

Hope you had fun in Indiana! That's my favorite state...can you tell I live there!?!