Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Lookie who's back....


Long story short

Lost my password

Can't recall my password

Must have to do with that darn old "A" word that ends with G and E!

Coupled with



BUSY life

I think I can blog again.

Thanks all for visiting me and my neglected blog!

Let's hang out....



Theresa Tyree said...

Yeah, you had me so worried that I had to CALL you!!! Thanks for calling back. Sorry I missed your call but it's good to know you're alive and well!!! I just looked over your stuff for sale. I already have all of it. Isn't that a shame? TOO MANY STAMPS!!! LOL!!

Diane said...

Hey you're back!!!! I'm so happy,I hadn't checked in so long cuz I thought you were'nt bloggin anymore. Sure am glad I didn't delete your blog.I'm checking your sale items,very interesting!