Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bittersweet Moment

I have to say, I'm having a bittersweet moment. It feels good that I'm revamping my Art room to accommodate more of an "office type" environment, where I have a place of eventually three computers! I have two so far; an IMAC and a Mac Book Pro...but I'm not really looking forward to having a PC. What can I say I've been converted. Once you go MAC, you never go back! OK, I'm cracking myself up!

But anywho, as I was saying, happy to be starting a home-based business with my DH. Thats' exciting. But that would be for another post. But at the same time, I'm somewhat sad to be parting with my rubberstamp collection. These were eight years of hoarding stamps and scrap stuff. Imagine how much moolah I put into that hobby. God only knows. So yes, I'm selling them on Ebay to make room and to make some cash.

So bye stamps.....

And HELLO Mac Book Pro, which was just delivered to me by my happy Fed Ex guy straight from the Apple Store. Whooo-hoo! Guess what I'll be doing all day?

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