Tuesday, January 09, 2007

NO Power Hour

Ok, some of you may have heard of "Power Hour" per Belinda Ellsworth's mantra - where you set aside one hour each day to do something productive as in doing customer care (phone calls, bookings, recruiting, etc...)

Well, the other night we lost power for about one hour from about 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Do you know where I'm going with this? Keep reading....

So all the power went out, no storm, no anything, I guess Comm Ed just felt like giving us a break....or maybe it was some Divine Intervention. In any event,my 2YO, Connor, comes running and yelling, "Dat scaes meee, Dat scaes Ava, Dat scaes Mommie, Dat scaes Daddy". As if once wasn't enough declaration, he did this over and over every 2 minutes or so. Imagine that?!

We gathered all our flashlights and lit some candles. We put some candles on our kitchen table, made some hot cocoa for the kids, and hot tea for me and Kurt. Then we brought out some Panettone bread. So we snacked and talked about our family goals with the kids. Yes, while Connor continued to make his declaration of.... I'll spare you, just read above what scaed him! LOL!

So the lights went back up. And our discovery was, when the lights go out, do you ever notice how people tend to stay close and really bond? ;) I won't go there, but some of you know me... Anywho, Ava said, we should do this at least once a week, where we turn off all the lights, no TV, no phone, no computer and just talk.....eat too! And call it our "No Power Hour".

So moral of the story is, power or not, you can make anything a very electrifying experience! And that children more often than we think speaks of pure wisdom. Here's to more bonding!

Happy 2007 folks!

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deborrah said...

That's a great story! Isn't it amazing the truths that come out of our children's mouths? The No Power Hour. I like it! I may have to borrow her idea ... I think our family needs some bonding time. Great to see you back ... hope that you are well and recovered from the Holidays!!