Monday, March 12, 2007

A Designer's Eye ~ Thanks Ali!

I found it! There has been a talk about this book at the Scrapbook Chalet and read positive feedback about it. So I have been searching high and low and so I emailed AE herself. I always bug the poor girl whenever I need something. She'll think I'm stalking her. Well, anyway, she's always been so gracious and emails me back every single time. And guess what?! She emailed me again this time. And she much sit in front of her computer all the time because every time I have emailed her, she responds right back. Anyway, thank you Ali! I found the book and I will make sure to order me a copy.

A signed copy would have been nicer though.... :)


Angela said...

Well, email her and ASK for a signed copy! lol

sollie said...

She seems a lovely lady. I read her blog like twice a week. Love, Isolde

*Jeanne* said...

Hey there Jozzie,

I LOVE your bloggie. Amazing. I hope you don't mind but I linked you up!

Hugs chickie!