Saturday, August 11, 2007

Card Sketch - 0807

Hello Girls!

I posted this at The Chalet but feel free to make your own. Just make sure to give me credit for the sketch! ;) If you join us at The Chalet you can also WIN great prizes too!

Well here you go...


Here's a card sketch to take a mini-break from making some layouts. Just make any size card and use some scraps of patterned paper, any left-over embellishments and place your greeting anywhere on your card! This sketch is mainly a guide for your card.

So make your cards, and upload it in the gallery by midnight at the end of the month. The more cards you make, the more chances of you winning! So get creating! Remember to link it back here so we can leave you some love!

Happy Card Making!

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lam said...

that´s an awesome sketch, I will have to that soon