Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Chalet's Blog Challenge - 0807

I posted this at The Chalet but feel free to do the challenge with us! But read further.....if you join us at The Chalet you can also WIN PRIZES!!!


Hello People! Ready to do some BLOG CHALLENGE WITH MOI!?!? Read on!!

Did you know that having a blog is like having a place for your friends to come visit you without you having to clean, get dressed or cook up some snacks?! But how do you ensure that your friends do come and enjoy their visit?

Well, one way is to have fresh content on there so when they come and visit, they have something to read and catch up on without you having to do any of the above I mentioned. So how can you have fresh content on there? Here’s Jozzie to the rescue!!

Do the Blog Challenge with me so your friends and web surfers out there can and will enjoy reading your blog. Look below and do as much of the challenges I’ve listed. When you’re done, link and post under this thread to let me know which you’ve done. There are two ways you can WIN! (1) The one with the most points at the end of the month, will be our Blog Challenge Winner and (2) All entrants have a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE from the Chalet! So keep tabs of your points! Just like any of the challenges here at the Chalet, the more you participate, the greater your chances of winning something FUN!

Here's how you win points. You get 1 point for every entry you post on your blog. Include a photo for each entry you get 1 extra point. Sorry, but this is for new entries only. Entries already posted in your blog from the past, are not eligible for new points. Remember you have to link back here and all posts must be in by August 31st at midnight!

Ready? Here we go. Here are some possible blog entries. I have listed 30 topics here, so you can have one fresh entry for the whole month! WOW! That’s a possible 30 to 60 points! AND…your friends will have something FUN to read everyday! COOL huh? Good luck everyone!!!!

1. One scrapbook item you cannot live without!
2. My most favorite indulgence
3. Blog about your parents
4. Complete this sentence, “In High school, I Was The One Most Likely To….”
5. 5 Random Things About Yourself
6. Blog about your scrapbooking room.
7. It’s good to let the child in each of us come out from time to time. What is a child-like activity you like to participate in?
8. Reminisce about your favorite childhood memory?
9. Do you have a childhood friend? Are you still in touch?
10. Talk about a life-changing experience
11. What is your most prized possession?
12. Is there something you haven’t learned to do yet as an adult? Why not?
13. If you were a T-Shirt what would it say?
14. If you could be a song which one would you be?
15. What magazines do you subscribe to? Give us a review of it.
16. What was the last movie/video you’ve seen? Give us a review of it.
17. Are you a junk-food junkie? Blog about it.
18. List 5 scrapbooking dos and don’ts.
19. 5 things I want to tell my spouse.
20. Write about something you love to do with your children.
21. Write about your favorite actor/actress.
22. Write about your favorite author.
23. Is there anything exciting happening in your life right now? Share it with us!
24. Love/Hate Relationship. Write about it! EX: I love a clean house. I hate cleaning!
25. Write about your best friend.
26. Do you have a nighttime ritual with your kids?
27. When was the last time you went on a date night? Where did you go?
28. What’s your favorite food?
29. What’s your favorite drink?
30. Where do you love to shop? Give us a review of it!

Oh yeah and one more thing --- the idea is for you to have a blog entry every day, so you may not combine more than one topic per entry!

Now get BLOGGING!!!


Visit and post a comment on your friends blogs and receive a point for doing so. You get a point for every comment. So the more you visit and comment, the more points you can get. So get commenting!!!!

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lam said...

I just love your blog challange and will have to see if I can make time to do some more