Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Day in the Life of Connor

What is life like at 20 months? Simply hard? Or is it hardly simple?

Get up at 7am. Change clothes. Brush teeth, Come downstairs for breakfast. Loves oatmeal. Lately, your appetite has been very light. But most days, you will also have a piece of toast, whole banana, cup of milk. You eat more than me!

I put your snack on the bookshelf. See there's Rex your buddy! He cleans up after you, just in case you drop something! That picture was taken back in February 2006 - that's why you still have that goofy hat on. You love to wear hats!

Watch Disney or Nickelodeon. Your favorite -- "DoodleBops". You dance, you sing, then you want to eat some more. Of course! You've already spent all that energy.

Strawberry or Blueberry poptarts. Cup of water.

"We've got the whole wide world to explore....." You copy the "Backyardigan's" You spin like they do then you fall down. LOL!

11:30 Lunch time. Of course. By this time, I'm also getting exhausted. I've probably chased you all around the house. Changed your diapers for the third time. You terrorize Rex (our dachshund). Ohh, I can't wait for nap time....

12:30 until 2:30pm. We turn on your radio (you like sleeping with some white noise on - the sound of the ocean actually). You hug your blanket, put your head on the pillow. You're so good about putting yourself to sleep. You're re-energizing!

"Mama! Waaaah" you're up again!

We play some more, you throw your toys all over the place, chase Rex, drink, snack, make a mess. Ava's home! You guys can play. Gives me a little break. Sometimes, the three of us watch the Food Network. Like Mother, Like Children! It's funny, how you love to sit on the couch next to me and watch Racheal Ray, or Giada or Paula Dean. So attentive! Speaking of food, it's 4:30pm, time to make dinner! Soon, your dad will be home. I can't wait.....he takes over! R-E-L-I-E-F!!

Dinner time. Bath time. Sleepy time.....around 8pm. You put yourself to sleep. How nice. This is about the only time when I can hold you and you don't move! Love it! You look so angelic. Hah! You're "re-energizing" for the next day.....

Starts all over again.....

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