Friday, June 23, 2006

My friend...

"There are many people who come and go in our lives. A few touch us in ways, that change us forever, making us better from knowing them. You have made a difference in my life and for this I am grateful. Thanks for being YOU!" ~ Author Unknown~

Do you really have to go? Of course you do. This is the beginning of a new life. A new chapter. The rest is still "Unwritten".



Waaa-Baka-Baka said...

Ahhh friends...we are the BEST of friends. Glad to call you my friend, friend.

I think from now on I will refer to swizzle sticks as "Jozzies".

I am a teacher and appreciate desktop art. You are an artist I can tell...
You've always been creative (but how would I know THAAAA-AAAT?).
Some of my kids are little asian/filipino girls and they are very sweet, studious and hard working little dears. I will refer to them as "Jozzies".

Rene said...

I've been blogged! Very exciting... I want you to know that you are an amazing friend and no matter how far away I go, we will always be close. xo