Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Me Bad!

I've slacked! I know. So sorry! See! That's all I have time for, one to two word sentences!!! LOL!

I remember as a kid, Christmas just can't come soon enough. Now it's here, well, almost here, much too soon! And with Christmas comes my birthday! So not only do I have much to do, I'm getting older too! YIKES!!! I'm so busy with what's going on now and what is about to happen later on with my life! Just thinking about it all gives me a headache! Not bad stuff. Just busy stuff.

My daughter is starting VB practices this week. Games and tourneys will be here in about 4 weeks and will go on 'til June 2007! I'm trying to work on potty training my son this week. Wish me luck! Doing lots of Christmas shopping. Making a ton of cards to give away, sell, and give as presents. We're talking HUNDREDS to be done!!!! I still have custom albums to complete. Then I have a class at my house in a few weeks. Busy I tell you, busy!

But I love it! Never boring that's for sure....oh yeah, in a few weeks we'll be in Florida with my family! Yeay!!! I can't wait to be with them. It's been about 9 months since I've seen them all last.

Ok, well, I better go now and finish making some cards! Just wanted to stop in and check in with you all. How about you what are you working on?



Scrappytbear said...

Busy lady! I have about 10 things I need to be working on and am I? NO! LOL I should take a hint and do something useful!

Gaspegirl said...

Well girl make sure and add some Jozzie time in there... sounds like you need it! Have a great week!