Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My First Driving Experience

Good Morning!

For today's STM blog challenge let's go back to the good old days. Remember when you were just learning how to drive? What was that like? Who taught you? When did you start driving? What was the first car that you owned? Bring us back there. Maybe even do a layout and even if you don't have a photo of it, I'm sure you can download something off of the net. So let's burn rubber and blog!

So, let me bring you back to the good old first driving experience. I learned how to drive when I was 16, in school, you know Driver's Ed. Got my permit but never really went and got my driver's license until I was 20 something. Why? I always had people that drove me around. My dad, friends, boyfriends. So I never really had the desire to get a driver's license. Plus we lived in the was always hard to find parking spaces, crazy knucklehead drivers all over the place. :) So anyway, when I met my husband to be, he taught me how to drive all over again. Got my license then my first car, my parents bought for me a Nissan Sentra. Then when I got married, I had to leave the car behind. Go figure! So we bought a VW Fox. A stickshift!!!! OMG! I didn't know how to drive a stick but I learned. But boy, let me tell you, driving to and from work, during rush hour, with stop and go traffic, over 40 miles each way, I'm surprised I didn't get in any wreck or anything. But let me tell you, I was stressed even before I got to work! I did love that car though. It was white with a sunroof. I love having a sunroof. My next car will be a convertible. My husband still owes me one of those. Someday....


NancyJones said...

BUT if you had a stick shift you could "get a wheel" hahahaha do they still say that? ahhhhhhhhhhh I bet you were a cutie in your sunroofed sentra lol My first "truck" had no brand it was like 6 different kinds put together to make one.. my dad was a mechanic and MADE this truck... serious EYE ROLL!

Suzanne said...

Not sure what you mean by stick shift (do you mean one with gear stick rather than an automatic?)

Took me 5 times to pass my driving test, about bl**dy time is what I said to the instructor when I finally made it! LOL

My first car was an original VW Beetle, bright orange, bought for £50. I blew it up within the year :(