Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oh poop!

So I wake up this morning and made myself up so I can go grocery shopping. Got breakfast made for the kids, we made it out of here on time. Took my DD to school and DS is off shopping with me. Everything is going OK so far. So while shopping, he does this little thing in the corner, you know where his face starts turning red?! OK, so hold on, I'm rushing so we can get out of here. I get ready to pay, would you believe I forgot my wallet? No ID, no card, no check. Zilch, zero, nada. Don't you hate that?! So I asked the clerk if she wouldn't mind keeping an eye on my groceries so I can run home and get my money. She was nice enough and said "no problem". Luckily, I only live 5 minutes from the store. So I drive home.....with my little stinkie. By this time, the temp is dropping, it's snowing, it's a mess, in more ways than one. But I wanted to get back in the store quickly so instead of making "any sort of change", I run in the house to look for my wallet. Can't find it, but I found my checkbook. So run back out, drive to the store. Took care of everything, done --- DS and I are home. Yep, so by this time I made some "change". And would you know, it's all over.........I mean, how the heck did I get that on my purse, on my coat, on his clothes, all over.....all OVER!!!! UGH!!! Heavens, I put him in the tub to give him a scrub down. YUCK! He's all clean now. I have to take my coat to the cleaners. My purse....oh my purse!

Anyway, all's quiet now in the Western front! :)

So how about you, what kind of day are you having? Hope it's better than mine!


Suzanne said...

Noooooooo that is such a painful day! Both have happened to me, but thankfully not on the same day.

Hope it's never repeated!

Scrappytbear said...

ewwww I so miss those days, and you can be sure I mean, I so DO NOT miss those days! Poor you and he!

Tisha said...

eeeck!! I sure don't miss those days :-) Had my fair share of kid poop stories..lol. Sorry about your purse.....that stinks!...bahhhh!! I crack myself up:-)