Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superbowl LXI Bears vs. Colts

DARN!!! What started out so GREAT ended up in a disappointment. The Bears scoring a touchdown in just a few minutes of the game was sooo exciting I thought that set the tone for the whole game. I thought it was a done deal! Bummer! Final score: 29-17.

I remember the last time I saw the Bears play in the Superbowl, I was in College. My DH and I were watching it from our apartment, eating oysters. LOL! Most people would be eating pizza and beer. We're weird I know. But we had FUN!! I don't remember who won but I remember everything else though. =)

Saturday we watched "Tristan & Isolde". It was a love triangle sort of story. I love, love stories. If you haven't seen it, it's a good watch.

Pretty much we stayed in all weekend. It was 1 degree outside. Brrrrr.......

So how was your weekend? Do tell!


Gaspegirl said...

Ok so it is people like you that convince the tv people to run re-runs last night because of some silly football game! I don't do football and wanted to watch You're the One That I Want and I couldn't- I am pouting here!!!

So, I scrapbooked!

mama_in_pajamas said...

Hi there! I know exactly what you mean about the Bears. I was so excited about that first TD, and then was pretty disappointed after that. Keep on blogging. See you at STM.

Rene said...

Ah! You watched Tristan & Isolde!!! What'd you think???

This Superbowl was hard for me... My 2 favorite teams in the world. So, either way, my team won and my team lost... Strange. xo