Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Discovery Day!

I'm enjoying the last of the four-day weekend.....aren't you? Friday, the kids and I went shopping and had lunch. Connor was uncontrollable. We had to cut the shopping short as he was running around the store like a monkey. People have warned me about terrible threes....I didn't think it could get any worse.....HAH.....I was wrong. One time I was trying on boots (yes, thigh highs)....and he whipped the shoe tree across the dressing room floor. Good grief! We only got to go to that one store. I was exhausted after that. So we went home. We capped the night with a nice "quiet" movie with my daughter and some Whirley Pop pop corn. YUM! The best popcorn I've ever had. Go check out their website and see why they're so good!

Anyway, the next day, we went to Long Grove to get some gourmet popcorn and I didn't realize it was the apple festival. I've never seen so many people since Taste of Chicago. We went to one store then left. LOL!

Kurt came home that evening and we just relaxed. He had been driving for 36 hours straight with his cousin whom he helped to move back from AZ.

Sunday was house-cleaning day. Then I took Ava and some of her friends to a free VB camp. Connor and I stayed the whole time. I learned some drills to use for the girls' practice. They're in for a treat. I'm trying to get the girls to join the club. These two are one of my strong players and they'll be silly not to do it. So I hope they do, do it! Then Kurt got the kids pizza and he took me out for an Italian dinner. It was wonderful! We went for a short stroll afterwards. When we got home, we did some online shopping and we were up 'til midnight. Talk about some Discovery! Whooo-hooo! ;)

Today, I'm getting ready to workout......then go to the grocery......cook.....I'm having my in-laws over to celebrate her birthday......Ava has another VB practice later today......dinner time afterwards......then, that's the end of my four-day weekend.

Overall, I had a FANTASTICTABULOUS time!!! How about you? Did you have a nice weekend? How are you celebrating this day? Made any discoveries? ;)


Anj said...

Hi Joz! Much as I love popcorn, only two words popped out when I was reading your entry...

online shopping

So spill! What did you discover?? I'm itching to know! hahaha


Rene said...

You are by far the coolest...

I felt like I was with you as I read about your adventures and now I'm exhausted! Oh, but wait.. I already was exhausted. Zzzz..

Discovery, eh? Hmmmm... ;)