Monday, October 01, 2007

Argh! The case of the missing photos....

OK, so I logged on to my iPhotos yesterday and guess what?! ALL my photos are GONE!!!! GONE!!!! did you hear that? Who took it?!? So now I have to figure out what happened to them. Like I need more things to do. I just hope I recover them or I'll die. And this time around, I'm buying a back up system. I know ME BAD! I always say I'll get one then I never now, I'm learning my lesson.

Ava and I had a great weekend. She and I went out for sushi and did some shopping. Kurt and Connor took the kayak out on the lake and went fishing. It was a nice quality time with the kids. Housework? Well, that's another story.... I think I really need to get a housekeeper since I can't keep up with that. I managed to get the upstairs clean and some laundry...but that's it!

Kids - gotta love them! :) I thought with Ava growing up, she'll need me less. WRONG!!! Academically, I need to work with her to develop better study skills. She's a A student, but she's struggling with AP Math. So, yes, she needs me. I dread the days when boys start to occupy some of her time. Then I mentioned earlier how Connor was being potty trained...well, we've graduated there. Whooo-hooo! But if you're a parent, you know that a toddler, requires plenty and I mean PLENTY of time. He constantly wants to play, in between bathroom breaks, and snack breaks....I swear it's all about him! What?! What happened to my ME TIME?!? Hah!!! Well, I'm lucky that I have Thursdays for that. He goes with my in-laws so I can have my me time, then. But, Oh Calgon, take me away.............NOW!

Ok, Connor is calling.....will talk to you soon! Hope you're having a great one, wherever you're at!



sollie said...

OMG, what a disaster. did you find your pics already?

Theresa Tyree said...

Oh, I so hope you find those photos. Don't lose hope. Have a system guru check out your hard drive before you trash anything. It worked for me!!