Tuesday, October 02, 2007

If Only I Can Bring Back Time

Hmpf! Two years of my childrens' lives gone into never land! I tried to recover them but they're nowhere to be found. I did some major system cleanup a few days ago and I must have cleaned up a folder I wasn't supposed to and now they're totally gone! I'm miserable! So take it from me. BACK UP YOUR SYSTEM!!!! Don't be like me and procrastinate. I've always wanted to buy an external HD to store my priced files and never did. I finally did today. Now if only I can bring back time....

Lesson learned: I'll be better about taking photos on a regular basis, sharing them and saving them!

Here's a photo I took today of my son.....the BUG GUY!!!


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Theresa Tyree said...

What a cute little dolly! I didn't know you had a Connor too, Joz! How cool is that? We have great taste for names, huh?