Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What To Do With Left-Over Turkey...

I love cooking, did you guess?

So since I've made turkey on Sunday, I've been using it up to make new and fresh dishes. Here's what I've made so far and will be making it looks like for a few more days... I cooked a 12 pound turkey and there's only four of us!

1) Turkey Tetrazzini (we had this for dinner on Monday)
2) Turkey Ala King (we had this for dinner Tuesday night)
3) Turkey Stock (I'm making this right now so I can make soup; and ohhhhh how the house smells so good right now. Nothing beats the aroma of home-cooking!)
4) Turkey Pot Pie (this is for dinner tonight)
5) Turkey Noodle Soup (for dinner tomorrow)
6) Turkey Salad
7) Baked French Onion Soup (will make this using the turkey stock I made)

WOW! How about you, if you made turkey last week, what will you be doing with the left-overs?

Inquiry minds would like to know.... :)


tyrymom29 said...

YUMMY I love chicken pot pie ......its my favorite ...Great ideas !!

Theresa Tyree said...

WOW! Your family's gonna be turkey'd out by the end of the week!! LOL!! How about Turkey adobo?? Yum.