Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I thought this "Art Quote of the Day" was very interesting....

Art Quote of the Day
Lesser artists borrow, great artists steal.
Igor Stravinsky

Have you ever heard of being "CASEd"? In the stamping world, they say you "CASE" something. Copy and Steal Everything! And that is acceptable.

Though in the scrapbooking world, people "scrap-lift". But that is poo-pooed on. However, according to Mr. Stravinsky, that makes them a great artist!?!

So maybe we should all re-think that.....


Stephanie said...

My personal opinion...scrap-lifting is OK if the pages are going in my own albums for my own enjoyment...usually I give them my own flair so they don't look like the original at all! However, if you're entering a contest/magazine...then you might not want to scrap-lift. : )

CAKVD said...

Sounds good to me!! I don't CASE too often but I do like that quote!