Monday, January 28, 2008

I Got The Bug!

A Cuttlebug that is! I love my new toy! Friends told me, research have told me, and they're all right. This is by far the best die cut machine ever. It is so very easy to use. So easy to assemble. It's versatile, I can use any die cuts out available for other machines. It has the best design feature. It has a no-slip bottom so it doesn't slide around. It's cute and compact that I can either leave on top of my work area or store away in a basket. And most of all, it is a great buy! I got it for $40 at Michael's, using a Joann's 50% coupon.

SHOPPING TIP: Did you know that Michael's will take any competitor's coupon and you can use three coupons at one time and that their prices are most of the time much lower than Joann's?

Well got to go now and play with my bug!

And L@@K the color matches my blog!


Anonymous said...

oh oh oh, you stink you, I want the cuttlebug!!!!!!!!!!!!Blahhhhhhhh aaaaggggghhhhhhh
That's me throwing a tantrum, hehehe
I am so getting me one though, yup I am!

dd2njoy said...

Hey Joz!! You will Love your cuttlebug!!! I have it,but didn't get a great deal like you did!Lucky you,have fun and can't wait to see your new stuff!!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the info...I didn't know that about Michaels. I knew Bed Bath and Beyond, as well as Linens and Things, use each other's coupons, but Michaels is news to me! : )

CAKVD said...

Thank you so much about the Michael's shopping tip!! I had NO CLUE that they would take 3 coupons or competitor's coupons! Thanks!!