Monday, August 14, 2006

I love you JM!

Oh how I wish I was in Canada to be with June Marie one last time. I can't help but think about her and her family. My sister and mom ended up going. I wish I was there too with them. I couldn't leave because I have no one, that's right, no one to watch my kids. My husband can't take off work this week. And my in-laws have health issues. My immediate family all live in Florida. So there goes my support system. I'm still praying that someday we all get to move to Florida to be with my family. There's nothing like being with family at times like these.

Anyway, I feel so emotionally drained. Woke up way too 21 month old was wailing for me! So my day is starting way tooo early after just having 5 hours of sleep. Not good!

But I am way excited as I discovered two places I'm going to be hanging out today. One is Scrappy Chick and the other is Dreamy.

Stay tuned...

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Suzanne said...

I just read the post further down about June's death. That is so very sad, to lose such a dear friend so young. And I feel for you that you couldn't make the journey up to Canada too.