Thursday, August 24, 2006

Living the good life...BUSY...but good life!

I have several custom albums I'm currently working on. I'm trying out for a DT. Just one. I'm very selective about which DT I join. I love this one, as I feel like I really click with the group. I love their site, the "chicks" are all so friendly, they challenge me and I love that I am able to work on my LO because of that fact. And I have a FUN hangout very Tuesday nights! I'm also waiting on the result of a couple of Publishing groups I tried out for. Waiting always is a pain, but whatcha gonna do?! I have 2 more weeks to go. I'm also coaching the 7th grade VB team in my daughter's school. Then, I'm going to be teaching scrapbooking at the Park District for 3 months in a row starting in February. I need to work on class descriptions. Speaking of classes, I also have weekly classes I offer through my Dazzle In Style business. I have cards and scrapbook pages I need to make for my Clubs, also through my Dazzle In Style business. I have a website to maintain. Not to mention my blog which I have at least one entry for on a daily basis. I want to keep you entertained! OK, so these are just some of the things on my plate that I need to do.

What makes this even more fun is I'm surrounded by people that love, appreciate and support everything I do. My DH is my biggest supporter. My DD is my cheerleader. My DS keeps me on my toes. My girlfriends encourage and if need be, takes me out for mai tais so I can take a break from all the hustle and bustle of my crazy, busy, good life. What else can anyone ask for?

Sometimes in life, a bad situation has to happen for us to realize how good we really have it. Sometimes the bad thing is something permanent like death; or at times, it can not be so permanent --- and that is a good thing. It's a blessing! That's when we take it and go on with our lives. Not a loss but everything to gain. Thanks for making me realize how good I have it!

Life is GOOD!

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Rene said...


Way to go, Jozzie! Sometimes some really painful things happen to bring out the best in our lives.