Tuesday, August 29, 2006

STM Blog Challenge - Child-like activity

It's good to let the child in each of us come out from time to time. What is a child-like activity that you like to participate in?

I LOVE, LOVE to play "Jacks". Do you all know what that is? It's a game where you have this one itty bitty ball and 10 star looking things that you drop on the floor and pick up one jack at a time, then you pick up 2, then 3, then so on and so forth. I LOVE that game! Come to think of it, I should buy myself one and do that again. :)

Wanna play?!!

If you want to play, and you're not a member of STM, come and join us! We have LOTS of fun there! Hope you come out and play with us!!!


Kara Jones said...

I used to play jacks with my grandmother! I wasn't very good at it though. Kinda nice to remember the days before video games where you played interactive games!

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE jacks too!!!!! That's totally cool!

Rene said...

oh my goodness! I love jacks!!! I tried to find some several months ago and had no luck. I'm sure I could find some somewhere, but I had no luck at Target/WalMart/etc. All the different "levels" you got to - around the world, etc. I would have to google jacks to remember all of the different fun things you do in a game of jacks!!! Good one Jozzie!!!

PS - sorry I missed TNGC. Took a 3-mile walk, then had dinner and a movie and didn't realize how late it was!!!