Thursday, July 06, 2006

Floridian Visit

My sister, mom and Lauressa (my niece) are coming in tomorrow from Florida to stay with us until Wednesday July 12th. I'm so excited!

We have plans to redecorate my daughter's room so it will be a fun filled (almost a) week of decorating, shopping, eating, shopping, decorating and eating some more!

Painting - done!

Saturday - went to IKEA and spent 5 hours there! Bought lights, frames, shelvings, accessories. Had lunch. Went home with over 25 bags full of stuff!!! We were under-budget; which is a good thing! We also went to the Container Store...that was a quick one since Ava just wanted to stay in the car with Ressie to enjoy a "side order of bunions!" You had to be there!

Sunday - brunch at Walker Brothers (love their 49'ers), ULTA then saw Pirates of the Caribbean Part II. Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom just keep getting hotter! Oh yeah, the movie was hot, I mean great too! Go see it! It's like being in one of those Disney Rides.

Monday - had plans to go to the jewelry show but they didn't have it today! Bummer! Picked up Veronica and my mom, Jonalyn and I went to Nordstrom Rack instead. That was a FUN time! I'm so proud of myself, for not spending as much as I used to. A new Jozzie? Perhaps... But my sister, she loves shoes as much as I do and she bought 5 pairs!!!!! She couldn't decide which shade of brown she wanted! LOL! Had lunch at Veronica's house. Filipino food - YUMMY! We did more work in Ava's room when we got home. I'm so impressed with my sisters "handy-man" abilities.

Tuesday - had to go back to IKEA again to get Ava a vanity desk, chair, and other things. We made record time....2 hours! It was a rainy day so we just went home and hung out after that. Finished up Ava's room. See our before and after shots. Stayed up late just talking...

Wednesday - had "longsilog" for breakfast. Lots of packing to do. Ava's getting sad. We left around 3:30 pm to drop them off at the airport. It was a sad day.

We hated seeing them go. But I told Ava to look forward to the day we get to see each other again. God if you hear me, please make it so that we all live in one state someday....

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Jon Cox said...

O FUN!!! I really hope you all live in the same state some day! I REALLY like your blog, it's very interesting, entertaining & well done! :o)