Sunday, December 09, 2007

12 Days of Christmas: Day 9

Good Sunday Morning Everyone!!!

Here's your Day 9 goodie --
Some Christmas shapes you can alter with patterned paper, beads, ribbons, flowers, anything and everything your heart desires! Have FUN posting!

What are you guys doing today? I'm organizing my Art Room. Some of you may not know, but I have converted our living room to my very own escape place. Except I can't really, since I'm surrounded by my favorite people. :) I love it though. I can really multi-task and do what I love without feeling guilty of abandoning my family. Hehehe!

So anyway, I need to reorganize and maybe it's time to visit and get rid of stuff on eBay once again.

Have a great day!


CAKVD said...

Hi Jozzie! I had to log on to the computer early just too see what you had up for grabs's like an addiction (in a good way!) Today I am working on Christmas cards and wrapping presents. I'd go shopping, but we are snowed in again. I'll have to wait until tomorrow.
Cheryl KVD

tyrymom29 said...

Today , I have to wrap presents before the boys get back .....I also have to clean my scraproom a lil because I cannot find anything im looking for ......Then prob more shopping is now open 24 hours ...woohoo !!!! I love shopping for gifts !!!

Scrapbook With Vanilla said...

Hey sweetie!!! Hope you get some stuff done ;) Today Jessica and I are picking up are new little kitten!!! So excited! (Jess's Christmas present)...

JenMarie said...

Hello! These look like fun to alter!!
Let's see, today...just got in from church...then headed out to dinner with my aunt and to a Christmas program with her tonight.
Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Cathy said...

Today I'm trying to stay WARM. The tenp here is 19 and sleeting! So I'm doing alittle bit of this and that or I forgot to mention stamping and making cards. Love the shapes you added to the pile of goodies. I look forward everyday to see what you are going to add.
Thanks for a chance.

Stephanie said...

Off to the mall to wrap up Christmas shopping!
Love the shapes!

dd2njoy said...

Hey Jozzie,lucky girl all that space for you!!! I'm making jumbo paper clips as bookmarks for some special people in our weight club.
Those shapes are really neat!!

dd2njoy said...

Hey Jozzie!! I was making jumbo paper clips as bookmarks to give away for little xmas gifts in cards tonight. Lucky you to have all that space!!!

dd2njoy said...

Hey Jozzie,i posted my comment twice yesterday but it hasn't gone through. I don't know why? So yest. I made some jumbo paper clips as bookmarks for small gifts.
Hopefully this one goes through.

Theresa Tyree said...

Hey Joz, I'm wrapping up my own cumulative prize RAK on Friday. I need your count by then to go in the drawing!!

Isn't it more fun giving than receiving?

Lee i. said...

hey those look like cookies. yum yum yum.