Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow and More SNOW!!!!

It's snowing again!!!! So far it looks like we have 5" covering the ground; maybe even more! But you know what?! That didn't stop me from shopping today. What is it with us girls, snow, rain nor sleet can't keep us away from shopping. LOL!

But anyway, if you like Victoria's Secret, you MUST go check them out. Either go to the store or do some online shopping, you can get these for $10 each". Enter offer code as "SLEEPTEE" and you can get one or all of them for just $10 a piece. They're super comfy and oh so cute!!! And if you sign up to get their SPECIAL announcements via email, you can also get 20% OFF your entire order. But this offer expires tomorrow, SUNDAY, so GO NOW!!!

And PSSSSST! They also have "Santa Baby" outfits there. And I'm not telling if I got some for Mrs. Claus! :}

Happy Shopping!

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