Friday, December 14, 2007

Eat, Shop & Drink

Hello, Hello!

Last night I went out with the neighborhood girls to do our Annual Eat, Shop & Drink festivities. It's a great way for a night out plus we get to do some shopping and a grab bag to boot! It's a lot of fun things all rolled up into one.

We started off having dinner at Stir Crazy. Had salmon in black bean and teriyaki sauce served with brown rice. Oh yeah, and of course, my mojitos. YUM! After dinner we did our grab bag. We each pick a number out of a hat, then the first person gets to pick a present. The second person, can either pick another present or steals a present that has been opened. The next person then does the same thing until all presents are opened and have a new home. As you can figure out it's best if you're the last person, cause you can have the present you really want and it's not so hot to be the first person, since your present can be stolen from you!

So guess who got #1? The one and I start. I open a small present. Big things come in small packages, you know. And what was it? A nice hand-made jewelry with shells that pick up the color of your outfit. I love it! It's mine. So player #2 goes, What does she do? YEP! She steals mine! Ahhh! I loved what I it's gone. Waah! At the end of the night I ended up with a wine stopper...and if you know me, that is a gift I can totally appreciate! Love my wine, especially reds! {wink} But lately, I have been drinking Rieslings. My favorite the Polka Dot.

After dinner, we did our shopping. We hit up the Gap, Express, Bebe, Macy's. Etc...etc....

So what do you think is next?! Drinks! of course. At The Cheesecake Factory. And of course, we had Snicker's Cheesecake, Chocolate Fudge Cake and Apple Crisp. We all shared!

Oh what a night!

How about you? Do you have a Holiday tradition you do with your girlfriends? Do tell!


Shannon McGann said...

Wow! Sounds like a fun evening - anything with cheesecake is going to be great!

dd2njoy said...

I wish I had a tradition like that,
it sounds like you had lots of fun.

Stephanie said...

My mom, sisters, and I always go out the day after Thanksgiving for a marathon (16 + hours) shopping day!! I started at 4:30 AM at WalMart and ended up getting home at 9 PM! Whew...we get slap-happy by the end of the evening! We then do the same thing the day after Christmas!! Fun, Fun!!!

Scrapbook With Vanilla said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... cheesecake......... ;)

Scrapbook With Vanilla said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... cheesecake......... ;)

JenMarie said...

Sounds like a great evening!!